Musculoskeletal Regeneration

The Journal of Musculoskeletal Regeneration encompasses basic to translational aspects of the biology and pathology of musculoskeletal tissues, including cartilage, bone, tendon, ligament, and muscle. Musculoskeletal regenerative medicine offers the promise of reparative therapies for patients with conditions of the skeleton and its associated connective tissues and muscles. The scope of this journal includes morphogenesis, development, evolutionary specification of tissue types, cellular organization, production and assembly of extracellular matrix, biological and biomechanical functions, functional modeling, genetic basis of musculoskeletal diseases, cellular and molecular mechanisms of degeneration, and therapeutic strategies to regenerate, repair and functionally restore damaged or diseased tissues and organs. Special issues will be on the application of contemporary approaches to address epigenetic, molecular, cellular, and tissue biology of musculoskeletal tissues. 


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Vol 3 (2017)

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Toshinori Yoshihara, Ryo Kakigi, Hisashi Naito
William Richard Parrish, Breana Roides