Ets-1 activation, when tumors crosstalk with their microenvironment.

Alessandro Furlan, Albin Pourtier


In this short review, we put emphasis on the importance of ETS transcription factor family, and more especially of its founder Ets-1, in the control of epithelium-mesenchyme dialogues. In the context of tumor progression, Ets-1 expression can be induced by various stromal instructive signals. Reciprocally, integration of these various microenvironmental influences via Ets-1 will result in the remodeling of the extracellular matrix by tumor cells. We sum up the current knowledge about the balance between cell growth and invasion orchestrated by EMT drivers, among which Ets-1, and the growing evidence that EMT needs to be spatio-temporally regulated along tumor progression and metastasis. We eventually discuss the impact these data have on our understanding of tumorigenesis, and the consideration they should be given when elaborating therapeutic anticancer strategies.

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